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You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find explanations, walkthroughs, FAQs, and more down below. If you don’t find your answer, email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Downloading the Beta

One Bill is currently undergoing beta testing in order to launch with the best possible product we can provide. Participation in the beta program is currently invite-only. To stay updated on the launch of One Bill you can sign up to receive email notifications.

Following creating your account, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions to download the app. In the event that you lose the URL, we also send you an email with the information as well.

Creating your account

Invite codes

You’ve been invited to the beta program? Check your email for an email from which includes the link to create your account. If for some reason the link does not open, you can manually enter the invite code written out in your email on our invite page. Your invite code is attached to your email therefore you can’t change your email during the registration process. If you have been invited to join another user’s One Bill account, you can follow the same process and it’ll automatically link the two accounts.


Your security is a big priority for us, so our registration requires you to create a password with a minimum of 8 characters, and contain a mix of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and symbols. On top of creating a secure password please avoid reusing passwords from other services. We currently do not support 2-factor authentication, but it’s on our product roadmap.


Account users

Currently, there’s a limit to only 2 users per account. Each user of your account has access to creating & editing new expense items, and transfers. To add another user, navigate to your settings tab, select ‘Account users, and click on ‘Add new user’.

Editing your account

There’s no functionality to edit your account just yet, however that’s very high up on our list. Stay tuned!

Resetting your password

If you forget your password, don’t worry it happens to us all, you can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot password’ link on the login page.

Expense items

Creating new expenses

To create a new expense, click the ‘+’ button in the middle of your bottom tab bar, and fill out the information. You can adjust who paid for the item, give it a descriptive label, how much it totaled, and the split.

The split is based on how much the other person pays, so if you enter the split as 40% the other user will owe 40% of the total.

Monthly management

Think of your One Bill account as a better functioning spreadsheet. Everything is organized by Month instead of individual items hanging loosely in space. You can change the date on which the expense item was submitted by clicking the date picker to the left of the ‘Create expense’ button. To browse alternate months that aren’t accessible by the homepage, you can click the calendar icon in the top right of any monthly page, and select a date from another month.


Categories are a great way of organizing the line items. Down the road, we will be able to use that data to provide you with insights on where your shared spending is allocated based on the type of expenses. We’ve provided the basic categories of Home, Groceries, Bills, Insurance, Travel, Medical, Leisure, Car Payments, and Misc. Feel free to use the categories as you wish, and if you feel like something is missing, please let us know by submitting a feature request.


For those recurring expense items that don’t change from month to month, you can save the item as a template in order to speed up the process. To use a template, click the folder icon () in the top right corner and select the template you wish to use. You can adjust all the fields if necessary

To edit or delete a template, navigate to your settings via the bottom tab bar, and click on ‘Templates’. From there you can see the list of templates to edit/delete.

To delete a template from the ‘New expense’ view, press and hold on the template you wish to delete, and a delete icon should appear.

Editing or deleting an expense

To edit or delete an existing expense, go to the item you want to edit and swipe your finger to the left. The item will slide over and reveal an edit and delete button. To hide those buttons, simply swipe to the right to close them.

Amount owing

As you add items to a month, a stat that says ‘X user owes’ will appear. One Bill calculates the totals each user has paid and the difference is the amount owing.


When there’s an owing balance, a ‘Create transfer’ button will appear below the stat. Click on that button to open the transfer window. There you’ll be able to browse the items that are outstanding for that user to pay for. You can select the items you wish to include in your transfer, and the total amount will be calculated at the bottom left of your tab bar. In order to reduce the number of transfers, there’s an option to deduct the amount the other user owes if your transfer is greater than the amount they owe.


One Bill does not actually send money from one user to another. We are not connected to your bank account, and therefore cannot process payments between users. One Bill is simply a way to keep track of shared items and transfers.